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We offer Spa Services within our Boutique store!

Massage modalities include: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pre-Natal, Hot Stone, Reflexology and Exfoliating Body Scrubs, CBD Massage add-on;

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The Beehive RESET Retreat

Renew * Excel * Set Goals * Energize * Transform

Welcome to the Beehive RESET Retreat. You are here because you are at a point in your life when something needs to change; Beehive has put together this RESET Retreat to aid you in your journey to transformation!

The Retreat consists of multiple facets: Body, Mind, & Spirit. During the Retreat and beyond, Beehive hopes to give you the tools needed to manifest change and abundance in your life.

Your body will be pampered in our Spa; you will move daily with exercise (a combination of classes with an instructor and solo hikes/walks), and you will be given healthy nutritional guidelines. Your mind and spirit will be nourished with meditation, journaling tasks, and energy work.

Several packages are available:

Immersion RESET - stay in our luxurious on-site townhome apartment while you attend the RESET Retreat. On this journey, you are immersed in your transformation 100%; you can focus on YOU. *Catered food available.

RESET from Home - Stay in your familiar surroundings while you focus on your transformation. Visit the Beehive for spa treatments and exercise; classes can also take place outside at local venues.

Mini RESET - A shortened version of our RESET retreat; choose spa treatments and exercise classes a la carte style to fit transformation into your schedule.

Group RESET - Sometimes we all need a helping hand - and what could be better than transforming together with friends? Chose any of the above options and receive a group discount.

For more information, please call us at 970.533.9769
to speak to us about your customized transformation!