Mend the mind, body, and spirit

Join us for a slow flow prana vinyasa class! Connect with the seasons and attune to the cycle of the moon in this deeply intentional, yet creative practice. Be guided through various mudras and asanas as you balance the energies within.

Class Details

Wednesdays 8:15 - 9:30am

$15 per class

Suitable for all experience levels

@ The Beehive - 128 Grand Ave

Meet our yoga instructor


I met my first mentor/teacher in  1994 when I enrolled for a meditation class and found myself the only student. E.M. opened my eyes and heart to the psychic arts and helped me to realize my gifts. Fast forward twenty years, a desire for a past life reading led me to Chi Gong Master, Beverly Anderson.  I graduated from Beverly's psychic self-mastery classes and went on to her Masters Level Series of Chi Gong classes. I was certified as a Chi Gong practitioner in February of 2017 followed by my Medical Chi Gong certification in April 2019. I am truly honored to be doing this work which is so powerful, meaningful and life changing

My other love is yoga which was my refuge when my children were young and developed into a sacred practice which aided in my self-development and spiritual growth.  After years of self-study, I was certified as a Prana Vinyasa instructor in 2016 under the training of Monica Mesa and Lily Russo, developed by the innovative Shiva Rae. One of my greatest joys is to show people how the power of yoga can change their lives. Yoga and meditation have enhanced my gifts, changed my perception, and made me a better wife, mother and healer.